At the Preserve

The best time to plant a tree was over 20 years ago. The second best time is now. Chinese Proverb

New boulder edging for LI Native Plant Garden.

Native Greenway has been busy at the Preserve in 2020. We completed the installation of the boulder border in January. Special thanks to MG Kathy Gaffney, whose dedication to procuring colorful native plants for Native Greenway, has allowed us to add swamp azalea and spice bush to the LI Native Plant Garden.

Arbor Day 2020

Plans for the addition of 30 more native trees and educational signage in April 2020 have been delayed. NYS restrictions did not stop dedicated volunteers from planting an Arbor Day tree, a native American tulip tree (liriodendron tulpifera), while practicing social distancing.


Center front row – NYS Senator Anna Kaplan, Mayor Jim Avena, NYS Assemblyman Anthony D’Urso.
Also pictured Trustee DiLucia, MG David Cohen, Native Greenway’s Pat Valente and Marie Suchan

Apr 27, 2019 Arbor Day Celebration: Native Greenway adds 12 more native trees to bring attention to the need for revitalization of the Manorhaven Preserve and help the Village of Manorhaven to become a Tree City. 

Deputy Mayor Priscilla Von Roeschlaub, Mayor Jim Avena, Pat Valente and Landscape Ecologists Rusty Schmidt and Ashley Crespo

Jan 2019 Tree Planting: Native Greenway planted 12 additional trees including native varieties of birch, beech, elm and oak.

Some of the many community and Master Gardener Native Plant garden volunteers including : NYS Assemblyman D’Urso, Mayor Jim Avena, Landscape Ecologist Rusty Schmidt and Native Greenway’s Pat Valente and Marie Suchan.

2017-19 LI Native Plant Garden: With the many community partners and volunteers, we helped plant and nurture over 1,000 LI native plants and trees.

“Suburbia is when the developer bulldozes out the trees and then names the streets after them.” Bill Vaughn

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